Club Championships

On the 3rd of September the club will be holding our Championship competition which will be a National round (no New Nationals or Long Nationals) the competition will be free and we will be joined by Bournemouth Archery Club. For those unfamiliar with the round below is a bit more information.



A National round is an imperial round, meaning the distances are in yards and the scoring values are 9,7,5,3,1), which takes place over two different distances. Four dozen arrows are shot at the longer distance with two dozen being shot at the shorter distance.

Total Arrows: 72 (Twelve ends of six arrows)


Target 1 – 60 yards – 48 arrows

Target 2 – 50 yards – 24 arrows


Entry Form:

Club Championships Entry Form 2017



Bowmen of Lytchett Outdoor Club Championship Results 2017