Here you will find all the information about how to join us, once you have read though please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you on when you can start a beginners course.

Our beginners courses for the summer of 2017 have now concluded, however please feel free to contact us in order to register an interest for the courses beginning 2018. .

The Bowmen of Lytchett Archery Club is alway looking for new members to join our ranks, young and old all are welcome. Archery is a great sport for all the family as you all can get involved and shoot with each other.

To start shooting with us as with all Archery Clubs you first must complete our Beginners Course. Once you have completed this you can then join to become a member of one of the best and most diverse clubs in the south of England. This is the point where you must pay affiliation fees to governing body of archery and of course your membership fees to us.

Thats it, you will have access to the vast knowledge of our experienced archers, our world class coaches and outstanding facilities which are yours to use for free.

There are only two requirements to get on a course; that you are 8 years old or over and able to use a bow. There are a minimum of 2 lessons in the course which will be held on consecutive Saturdays. The course will run approximately from   11am – 4pm, with a break for lunch; You can bring your own food or use the cafe located at the sport centre. You will learn with twelve other people from start to finish, this also means that you will want to book a place quickly as they do fill up fast.

So what do you wear? Well that easy, nothing baggy but something comfortable. And please no fit flops!

Parents please take note that must be with your child at all time during the course, so you may as well sign yourself up too. And for peace of mind all of our coaches are DBS checked.

We keep things simple here, it is £60.00 per person. This will cover everything from the hiring of equipment to the professional coaches.

Another point to note is that you must attend every course to complete it, so please make sure when you book you can attend all lesson.

Were just checking to make sure everyone is okay with us putting their reviews on here, and trust us there worth waiting for

Let Us Know If You Want To Join